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Team TB12 Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $100,000.00
Total Raised: $64,198.60

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 35

Join me in support of Best Buddies!

Welcome to Team TB12!

Playing football is one of my favorite things to do but another passion of mine is serving as Event Chair of the Audi Best Buddies Challenge: Hyannis Port. Best Buddies is an organization I've been involved in since 2002 when I rode for the first time. I have been lucky over the years to have Katie Meade as a Buddy and a close friend.

This year, to honor Katie and all the incredible individuals who have developmental and intellectual disabilities, I had to do something even bigger. As captain of Team Brady 12 (TB12) my goal is to raise more than $50,000! I know it will take a whole team to get to this mark so I need all you with me! If you are ready for a lot of fun, and a challenge, together letís get out there and ride, run and walk for the TB12 team!

Since 12 is my favorite number, I challenge each of you to start by asking 12 people for $50! When asking for donations think about the friendships you are making possible through this incredible event. Every dollar goes to supporting people with intellectual disabilities. I have seen firsthand, the way this event changes your perspective, and others; one mile, one donation, at a time.

Letís get out there and raise money, and oh yeah, have a lot of fun doing it! Best Buddies has changed my life, and I know it will change yours too! See you at the finish line!

Team Members:
Total Raised$64,198.60  
General Team Donation$253.00  
Tom Brady$350.00  
   Kristen Bean$1,800.00  
   Bill Belichick$100.00  
   Marielle Bonani$2,035.00  
   Mike Cheney$2,175.00  
   Terri Cheney$2,025.00  
   Lisa Coen-Byrnes$30.00  
   Janine Connors$2,270.00  
   Allison Finch$2,050.00  
   Sarah Finch$2,000.00  
   Lisa Garcia$2,150.00  
   Miriam Gelfer$2,405.00  
   Mark Glidden$2,150.00  
   Winston Grey$2,000.00  
   Guy Holbrook$4,375.00  
   Linda Holliday$0.00  
   William Maynard$1,956.60  
   Lisa McCarthy-Fields$2,220.00  
   Shaun Mcguire$2,200.00  
   Katie Meade$12.00  
   Katherine Mesheau$220.00  
   Charles Oliver$2,115.00  
   John Olson$2,150.00  
   Steven Pariseau$1,075.00  
   Christopher Ross$2,125.00  
   Charles Rutstein$2,350.00  
   Suzanne Rutstein$2,150.00  
   Cheri Sawin$2,348.00  
   Miriam Siegel$2,055.00  
   Crosby Taymore$3,225.00  
   Brendan Tierney$2,000.00  
   Sheila Tunney$2,000.00  
   Stefanie Turner$1,800.00  
   Jay Warner$1,845.00  
   Dan Wentworth$2,184.00  

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